Diaper Depot

A program developed by a former Leadership St. Joseph project team in August 2012, in affiliation with the agency, Diaper Depot was created with the goal of collecting diapers through donations and distribute them to low-income families.


why diapers?

  • One in three families struggle to buy diapers.
  • Many parents have to choose between buying food or diapers. Food Stamps cannot be used to purchase diapers.
  • Wearing a diaper for too long jeopardizes a baby’s health.
  • Childcare requires a day’s supply of diapers; those without diapers are turned away. Moms without access to childcare can’t go to work.


program basics

  • Anyone can ask for help through this program. There are no boundaries, no eligibility guidelines and no fees for this service.
  • Parents are able to get diapers and wipes through the program up to four times each year. Quantities are based on availability.
  • Two years ago, the agency added adult incontinence supplies to the inventory. Many older adults struggle with this issue. Being on a fixed income makes buying these items a difficulty for elderly individuals.
  • All of the products for this program have been donated by community members.
  • In 2021, the Diaper Depot provided 1,567 diapers to 118 children, at a value of $485. Additionally, 240 units of adult incontinence supplies were provided to adults, at a value of $240.