Seasonal Services

The Seasonal Services program was created as a result of seasonal heating and cooling equipment donations made by a variety of local groups, organizations and individuals.

The goal of the program is to distribute heaters, fans, and air conditioners to households that do not have a primary source for heating or cooling their homes. 



  • The agency partners with HeartWarmers, a program created by R.J. Jackson to provide space heaters to those in need during the cold weather months.
  • To combat summer heat, fans are donated annually by Evergy; a variety of local businesses and individuals add to that supply each year.
  • Air conditioners are also donated by the public; because of the limited number of A/C units donated, the agency reserves those for individuals with documented heath issues that are specifically affected by the heat.
  • In 2021, 57 heaters, 39 fans and 3 air conditioners were distributed to 86 households, consisting of 242 individuals. The value for these items were $2,085.