Adopt-A-Family sign ups available

Adopt-a-Family on pace for historic turnout

As Christmas nears, it’s time for Adopt-a-Family to get underway.

For 40 years, Adopt-a-Family has helped families struggling financially celebrate Christmas and receive presents.

The application process, both to give and receive gifts started at the end of October and runs through Dec. 4.

A week and a half in, numbers are at a record pace, according to Executive Director Nichi Seckinger.

“We have got 340 apps in-house right now from families,” Seckinger said. “Usually what we do is we multiply that by three because that gives us an idea that if they come in at a steady rate, that’s how many we’ll end up having for the year. If that’s the case, we’ll have 1,000 family Christmases, that’ll be more than we’ve had since the flood in 1993.”